Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen Review & Comparison with 3rd Gen

Amazon recently released an entirely new generation of Echo smart speakers with a whole new design. We took a deeper look at what’s new with the 4th Generation Echo Dot and how it stands in comparison to the older 3rd Generation model.

Echo Dot is the compact version of the Amazon Echo smart speaker. The Echo Dot has always been the more affordable model in Amazon’s range of voice-assistant smart speakers. In that respect, the 4th Generation Echo Dot tries to pack better features without compromising too much on the price point.

Where to get 4th Gen Amazon Echo Devices 

Here are the 4th Gen devices and links to get them online in India and the USA/Worldwide:

Amazon Echo 4th Gen ( Get it in India  | Get it in USA/Worldwide )
Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen ( Get it in India  | Get it in USA/Worldwide )
Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen with Clock ( Get it in India  | Get it in USA/Worldwide )

The 4th Gen Amazon Echo range

Of course, the 4th Gen Devices comes with the same awesome Alexa voice assistant. If you haven’t tried using Alexa, you’re surely missing out on a lot of really cool tech. It’s great that this kind of technology is available at such an affordable price. Does it suit you? Let’s find out!

Look and Feel

The new 4th generation of Amazon Echo devices represent an entirely new design theme. The 4th Gen devices introduce a new spherical design, measuring 3.9 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches in height. This is presumably designed around better sound quality and incorporating better internal hardware than the older models. When it comes to the 4th Gen Echo Dot, it looks larger than its predecessor, but brings a cool, futuristic vibe. This new Dot also comes with a Clock version which has a minimal LED display and reads out the time, current status and more.
The 4th Gen Echo Dot
The new Echo Dot is also a bit heavier, and that's to be expected from the larger size and improved 1.6” speaker. Moreover, its light ring is placed along the bottom perimeter. The four buttons sit on top of the device, and are slightly extruded. The Echo Dot 4th Gen has a modern, and completely new look. It looks classier than precedent Echo devices. Having said that, for those who need a small device like the Echo Dot 3rd Gen, the 4th Gen Echo Dot may be a bit larger for your needs.

Don’t worry – the 3rd Gen devices aren’t completely going away and aren’t obsolete, so you can even choose to go with them. 

Sound Quality

The 4th Generation Amazon Echo Dot is a small version of the 4th Generation Amazon Echo, and is an affordable Alexa speaker for those with a tighter budget. It doesn't sound as good or gets as loud as the 4th Gen Echo, but it's great for talk radio, personal music, having kindle books read to you and such. If you’re thinking of using it for party music, you should consider the 4th Generation Echo over the 4th Generation Echo Dot. 

The 4th Gen Echo Dot comes with a 3.5mm audio-out port and Bluetooth, so you will be able to pair it with a Bluetooth speaker or a larger audio system if you want better sound experience. Plus, it listens for voice commands just as well as the full-size Echo. The Dot is excellent for affordably expanding Alexa smart-home control around your house. 

Because of the additional speakers on this latest version; the new generation would be almost double the size of last year's generation, so it'll take up more space. The precedent version will be the right choice for someone who's looking for something more compact, smaller and lighter.

Other Features

The Alexa Voice Assistant technology is still the same in both the Echo Dot 3rd gen and the Echo Dot 4th gen. However, Amazon added some new features to her new device, including: 

  • Alexa Guard Plus: It is a subscription-based home security service (a more advanced version of Alexa Guard). 
  • Care Hub: It is designed to help aging family members. It lets you use Alexa to look out for them.
  • An energy dashboard: Amazon added it in order to help you see power consumption across both your Echo and smart home devices.

Amazon seems to be working hard on eco-friendliness by using recycled plastics, fabrics and other materials. Most advanced Echo devices like this Echo Dot 4th gen would get the "Climate Pledge Friendly" tag, and there will be other features to promote energy effectiveness that Amazon is planning to add them to its new Echo device. 

Echo Dot 4th Gen v/s Echo Dot 3rd Gen

As we discussed, the 4th Generation Echo Dot is a better speaker with a few additional features and the same Alexa Voice Assistant as the 3rd Gen Echo Dot. It sounds better, looks better and will be compatible with some new feature rollouts that Amazon brings in 2021. It also comes with an increased price tag.

So practically speaking, the 3rd Gen and 4th Gen Echo Dot devices are in different segments. If you want all the major features, a decently good speaker and great voice-control for an affordable smart home, the 3rd Gen Echo Dot should be your choice. On the other hand, in case you think you need all these things and additionally need a great speaker for your music and audio needs at a slightly higher cost, the 4th Generation Echo Dot is your choice.

While the Alexa assistant is the same on both models, the new 4th Gen Echo Devices have been positioned to do a lot more at home – and these features will gradually roll out over the next year.


Comparing the Echo Dot 3rd and 4th Gen devices, there is a distinct price point, different speaker design and a major change in the look and feel. The 4th Gen Echo devices certainly indicate a renewed direction Amazon are taking with their smart speaker products.

What is pleasantly surprising is that the 2020 4th Gen Echo arrives at the same price as the older 2019 Echo, but brings a lot more technology with it. At the same time, the new 4th Gen Echo Dot is overall only a slight mark up against its older 3rd Gen model, but comes at a higher price point.

With additional speakers and a refreshed design, what the new Echo range really presents is a step forward in smart home connectivity and security. With these additional controls, it has the potential to become the basis for many more smart home devices in the future, while sounding  better as well.

But keep in mind, this is great for those interested in the 3rd Gen devices because once the new 2020 range starts getting traction, we expect the 3rd Gen Echo Dot price to drop significantly. So if you are looking for a smart gadget for your home or a nice gift for someone this season, both the Echo Dot 3rd and 4th Gen devices are great options.

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