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Creating an Arduino Pong game - Arduino Tutorial

Creating arcade games is a really fun thing to do using Arduino.At a very low cost, you can integrate all kinds of awesome interaction modules into your game.
This tutorial is about how to create the Pong game using your Arduino Uno and an 8x8 LED Matrixmodule.

If you haven't seen Pong before, it is a simple game where the player must bounce a ball using their paddle, ensuring that it doesn't go past the paddle. If it does, the player is out. The number of consecutive times you bounce the ball on the paddle is your score, and it shows up just after you get out.
We are going to start with a single player version of the game. I have created a Github repository, so we can grow it together from here (more on that ahead). Here is an example of what we want to build:
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Parts neededThe Hardware you need to build this: Arduino Uno8x8 LED Matrix module (with Serial SPI interface)…

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