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Arduino Nano vs Arduino Uno - what's the difference?

Arduino Nano vs Arduino Uno
As a young developer or learner, you probably heard more of the Arduino Uno than the Arduino Nano board. The Nano looks smaller, and you may think that it doesn't have the features of the Uno. But don't let looks deceive you. Let's dive into the details and look at the differences and even similarities between the Arduino Nano and the Arduino Uno.

1. Ardiuno Comparison: Specs Let's first look at the difference between the two boards based on their specs.

Arduino UnoProcessor: Atmel Atmega328 AVR
Processor Speed: 16MHz
Program Memory: 32KB
GPIO: 14 Digital / 6 Analog
Power level: 5V
Dimensions: 68.6 mm × 53.3 mm

Arduino Nano v3Processor: Atmel Atmega328 AVR
Processor Speed: 16MHz
Program Memory: 32KB
GPIO: 14 Digital / 8 Analog
Power level: 5V
Dimensions: 43.2 mm × 18.5 mm

Head to Head The specs of the two are almost identical, with the only major difference being the dimensions. In a head-to-head comparison, the

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