5 Best Smart Weighing Scales in India - with BMI and Bluetooth

Smart Weighing Scales are a great way to track your body weight metrics. If you're planning to lose weight, a smart scale with weight and BMI analytics will really help. Just like a fitness band, a Smart Weighing scale will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Most smart scales not only measure your body weight but also track other body metrics including body water, BMI, muscle mass and more. This data helps you know if you are losing weight in the right way.

There are certain factors that you must consider while buying your smart weighing scale. Some of the things you should look in a smart weighing scale for are:

  • Connectivity
  • Features
  • Output parameters
  • Costs
  • Warranty
  • Ability to work with third-party apps
  • A community of users

Smart Weighing scales can connect to your Smartphone via Bluetooth and guide you through your weight loss and fitness journey with a complementing App. With so much cool technology in a weighing scale, it's hard not to reach your fitness goals. Interested in getting one? Let's look at the best options you can choose from.

5 Best Smart Weighing Scales in India 

1. Fitbit Aria

Fitbit has a proven track record in fitness and health tracking. The Fitbit Aria weighing scale adds to their offering and integrates this data with the rest of your Fitbit environment. It works with 3 AAA Batteries and connects to the user's Smartphone via Bluetooth. The App is very easy to set up. It receives the data from the scale and displays it on the dashboard. Additionally, the scale displays the user's weight on the LCD display in Kilograms, Pounds or Stones.

This Fitbit Smart Scale tracks BMI, Body Fat, Lean Mass and Body Weight over time so that you can see when and how your weight fluctuates. This is especially useful to get insights on how your habits and lifestyle affect your weight.

Overall this is a very reliable product and is offered by a reliable brand. We wish it had trackers for water mass and other parameters as well. For tracking your weight, this is our top choice.

2. GOQii Balance Scale

The GOQii Balance Smart Scale is one of the few entries that are made in India. It provides a ton of features and tracking parameters. It runs on 4 AAA batteries and syncs to the GOQii Health App via Bluetooth.

The Balance Scale offers a number of tracking parameters including:

  • Weight
  • Body Fat
  • BMI
  • Bone Mass
  • Visceral Fat
  • Muscle Mass
  • Protein
  • Skeletal Muscle
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Water Content
GOQii has implemented a Bio Impedance Technology that measures these parameters based on the conducting properties of the body measured by sensors and decoded by complex algorithms. It accommodates upto 8 users and offers individual health analytics for each.

GOQii also offers various other health tracking products including fitness trackers. It offers a great ecosystem for complete health tracking, similar to Fitbit's offerings.

3. Actofit Smart Scale

The Actofit Smart Scale measures up 14 different body metrics including weight, body fat muscle mass, bone mass, BMI, protein visceral fat, and more. It supports 16 simultaneous users on the dashboard. It has a clean look and a decent App that syncs with the scale over Bluetooth.

The Actofit SmartScale uses dual-frequency BIA technology which is very accurate and delivers great measurements. The Actofit scale also works with third-party Apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit and others. Its AI health coach helps you get personalized tips and recommendations for your fitness goals. Users can intuitively track their progress from this dashboard.

The Actofit Scale is available in 2 versions - Lite and Prime. The Prime version has the AI health guide, additional tracking parameters and slightly better analytics and graphs.

Actofit also offers a wearable fitness tracker. The ecosystem isn't comparable to Fitbit and GOQii, but the products are decent even when used independently.

4. Lifetrons Smart Scale

The Lifetrons Smart Scale is a competitive addition to this list. It measures 12 body composition metrics for 10 different user profiles. It tracks weight, BMI, body fat, hydration, muscle mass, skeletal muscle, protein, bone mass, visceral fat, metabolic age, BMR and more. It uses a dual-frequency BIA technology for measurements and lets you download PDF reports of your fitness metrics.

The Lifetrons App connects to the smart scale via Bluetooth and provides a Dashboard with all the analytics and graphs. The App also allows users to set Diet Plans and tracks their fitness metrics accordingly, provides meal notifications and also calculates Total Daily Energy Expenditure.

Lifetrons offers a great product with some thoughtful features on the App. It however does not offer a fitness ecosystem. That makes it a good choice for health-conscious individuals or people that intend to lose weight. If you are looking for something that supports your long-term fitness lifestyle, it may not have everything you need.

5. ActiveX Savvy Smart Scale

The device is powered by three of AAA batteries and syncs to the App via Bluetooth. The body is made of tempered glass at the top and metal at the bottom. Its high precision sensors offer very accurate results, making this one of the most reliable smart scales.


This scale tracks nearly 11 body metrics, including weight, body fat, water mass, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone mass, visceral fat and much more. There are 8 user profiles available so that multiple people can simultaneously track their fitness. BIA technology (Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis) on this scale reliably calculates your body metrics.

The device can be connected to the Bluetooth, to get the data on the mobile device. It measures in kilograms, pounds and stones. In addition to the ActiveX App, it also integrates with other platforms like Google Fit, Apple Health, Fitbit and more.

It's compact and sturdy design allows you to easily take it anywhere. It is a good product with a lot of value addition for your health and fitness.


Who would have thought that we'd have weighing scales that track so many body parameters and put them on a dashboard for you. Since that technology is now here at an affordable price, you can consider investing in some good health tracking gadgets like these.

Not only are Smart Scales very useful for people on a weight-loss or weight-gain journey, they can also be of tremendous benefit for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With health management ecosystems, smart Apps and AI guidance, you can improve your health and keep it that way.

Are you using one of these products? Let us know what you thought of it.

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